Annelise Loevlie

Annelise Loevlie

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Name: Annelise Loevlie

Location: Golden, CO, USA

Profession: Truth Seeker, Nature Love, CEO

How I kick back: Time in nature – running, skiing, swimming, sailing – you name it; growing and cooking fresh food, hangin with good friends and my dog, Louie; reading, doing nothing.

I believe:  That through healing ourselves, we can heal our worlds.   That nature holds the answers, and if we spend a little more time every day, observing and appreciating her magic, things start making more sense.


Fish tacos - grilled or fried?: Grilled!

Favorite dance party song: OMG – TOO MANY!!

Bucket list trip: Indonesia to hang with the Giant Clams; Svalbard, Norway to swim with Polar Bears.

One piece of advice for the next gen: Go outside!