An International Dimension for a Universal Cause 

Like our commitment to the planet, our vision is global, and our approach is international.
With production based as close as possible to the sources of supply and at an equal distance from our two main markets to obtain the best CO2/quality/price equation.
To the point of being the leader in terms of carbon footprint

"Offer cool, comfortable, and above all, innovative and sustainable products."


If SAOLA carries out the majority of its production in Vietnam, it is anything but a coincidence.
A major source of supply, Vietnam is also a land of innovation, which has enabled us to develop a vertical production process, offering ever greater flexibility, responsiveness and adaptability.

Located halfway between our two main markets, the United States and Europe, Vietnam is also in a strategic position that helps us reduce our carbon footprint. 


To reduce our impact without sacrificing control and quality, our Product Development Director is based in Taiwan.
This proximity to the supply and production sites allows for perfect control of the entire production chain, and through it, continuous quality control of our products

These well-thought-out choices allow SAOLA to benefit from material innovations and an excellent quality rate while respecting its commitments in terms of price positioning and environmental approach. 


In 2020, SAOLA's carbon footprint® is 130tCO2eq all scopes combined, i.e. 7.25KgCO2eq per pair. 2/3 of the balance is linked to the products (materials and assembly). Then comes the emissions linked to our premises (important in relative values but average in absolute values).
Next, all the emissions linked to transport, the majority of which is made up of employee travel; while shipping from Vietnam to France or the United States represents less than 3% of the balance sheet.  Finally, digital technology, while often overlooked, is not neutral and accounts for more than 2% of our emissions. 

In 2025, the objective is to reduce the carbon footprint to 3.5 kg/CO2 per pair, by working on new materials, improving manufacturing processes, and recycling.
These are all key areas that we need to control better so that our shoes can travel the world without impacting the landscape. 


Our goal is to reach 3.5Kg/CO2 per pair by 2025. We will first work on new materials, on improving manufacturing processes, and on recycling. At no time will we reduce our balance sheet through any carbon offset mechanism. And if one of the associations we support plants trees, they will not be included in our carbon balance.