We manufacture our shoes in the footwear production hub of Vietnam – a region that is known for stringent labor laws, high-quality production, and is at an equal distance from our two main distribution markets, allowing us to achieve the most ideal balance between CO2 emissions, quality, and price.

We hold personal, long-term relationships with leadership teams at these facilities – many of whom have become friends. In addition to independent third-party audits, our Product Development Director is based in Taiwan, allowing him to frequently visit, collaborate, and maintain tight control over the supply chain.


 Vietnam's manufacturing industry is globally respected for maintaining stringent labor laws and comprehensive social regulations, ensuring workers are protected and paid fair wages, and facilities maintain safe working conditions with reasonable working hours.

Our factory has achieved an exceptionally high rating of GREEN 9.2 (out of 10) in their independent third-party audit.


Vietnam is a key market in the global supply chain, offering us easy access to a robust network of leading material suppliers, ensuring efficiency and agility in procurement and production processes.
Moreover, Vietnam's central location acts as a bridge between Europe and the US - SAOLA'S two primary markets, facilitating smoother logistics and faster market access.