How is SAOLA pronounced?

Ahhh…the million-dollar question. As an international team with varying accents, some of us say SAY-oh-la, some say SAH-ow-lah. The animal we’re named after is pronounced SOW-la. Our official stance is there are bigger problems in the world, so whatever works for you works for us.


What makes SAOLA sustainable?

We actively seek out and prioritize the use of the most recycled, organic, and bio-based materials possible to create our shoes. But there are still limitations preventing them from being truly 100% eco-friendly, which is why we’re committed to continuing to research and make improvements every season.

What sets SAOLA apart in terms of environmental friendliness?
We place significant emphasis on the materials we use, acknowledging that they contribute to a substantial portion (70%) of the shoe's carbon footprint. By concentrating our efforts on the materials we use, we actively work towards decreasing our environmental impact.
We understand that the process isn't perfect, but our unwavering objective is to improve our environmental friendliness season after season. To discover the specifics of the materials we use, please explore the ECO-DESIGN section of our website for more information.
Why do you produce in Vietnam and not in France ?

Ideally, we would produce shoes in every country we deliver to, (such as France for French customers). However, due to production logistics and maintaining quality control, it is not feasible for us. Our current size and limited resources make it challenging to undergo such a extensive production strategy.

In addition, if we look at the carbon footprint of producing in Asia, and shipping by boat (which is what we do), it has lower impact than shipping via truck or by road which would be the case if we produced in Europe. 

So instead, we focus most of our attention on the the materials used in production, and as it turns out, most of those materials come from Asia. 

Vietnam... So what about the conditions of your workers ?
We work with factories that have social and environmental charters in place (set up by larger brands).
But this year, we wanted to go even further. Of all the brands working with these factories, we are the first to have applied for BSCI certification, and are in the process of being certified.


This certification will enable us to guarantee favourable working conditions for employees, without discrimination. It offers fair pay, decent hours, no forced labour, responsible waste management, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.  




Do SAOLA come with a warranty?

The answer is an enthusiastic YES. We want you to be totally stoked on your SAOLA, so we take them back if you’re not.

SAOLA offers a 6-month warranty against any manufacturer defects in materials or workmanship. This does not include normal wear and tear, improper care, product abuse, or use of product for unintended purposes.

Want more specifics? Read the full Warranty Policy here.

What does SAOLA charge for shipping?

Shipping is free of charge within the continental US on all orders of $99.00 or more. We will charge a 9.00$ flat fee on orders of less than $99.00. We will charge you the freight amount we are being charged by the freight company outside of the continental US. 


What forms of payment does SAOLA accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Just email us at   

What is SAOLA’s return/exchange policy?

Bought the wrong size online? No problem! Please consult our Returns and Exchanges Policy for more information. If you purchased your SAOLA from a retailer, please see below.

Can I return products I purchased from a retailer at

Sorry, but no. Please contact the store you bought them from to make arrangements.



Do SAOLA come in varying widths?

No – widths are all proportionate to size, based on a “medium” fit.

I’m unsure of my size. Help.

Here is our size chart. They run *pretty* close to size, but a bit narrow. In general, if you’re between sizes or are unsure, we recommend sizing up. Any additional specific size recommendations can be found on the product pages.

Do shoes made from recycled plastic bottles feel like walking on plastic?

Bless your heart. No. You wouldn’t even know they were recycled had we not told you. Our goal is to make recycled as comfortable and cool as the shoes you’ve known your whole life!

What is the best way to wash my SAOLA ?

Your SAOLA can be washed in the washing machine in a delicate cycle after taking out the cork insole.