1. How is SAOLA pronounced?

Ahhh…the million-dollar question. As an international team with varying accents, some of us say SAY-oh-la, some say SAH-ow-lah. The animal we’re named after is pronounced SOW-la. Our official stance is there are bigger problems in the world, so whatever works for you works for us. 

  1. Do shoes made from plastic make one feel like they’re walking on plastic?

Bless your heart. No. You wouldn’t even know they were recycled had we not told you. Our goal is to make recycled as comfortable and cool as the shoes you’ve known your whole life! 



  1. How is SAOLA working to minimize its environmental impact? 

We place significant emphasis on the materials and manufacturing processes we use, acknowledging that they contribute to a substantial portion (70%) of the shoe's carbon footprint. We use a maximum of recycled & bio-based materials which make our shoes some of the most sustainable on the market with an average of 3.5 kg of CO2 per pair.  

In addition, we are actively engaged in doing good to the planet through 1% For the Planet, giving back 1% of our turnover to organizations helping to preserve wildlife and its natural habitats, such as Friends of Bonobos whom we have supported since 2021.  

We understand that the process isn't perfect, but our unwavering objective is to improve our sustainability season after season. To discover the specifics of the materials we use, please explore the Sustainable Manufacturing section of our website for more information. 



5. Do SAOLA shoes contain synthetic chemicals or latex?

SAOLA shoes do not contain Latex, PFOAs, PFASs, or PFCs. They are also REACH compliant which certifies that our shoes comply with the EU’s REACH regulations, created to improve the environment, protect human health, and assess substances for hazardous chemicals.  


  1. Are your materials labeled or certified in any way?

We are proud to work as often as possible with sustainably-certified manufacturers and materials in the production of our shoes. The principal certifications held by our materials are the GRS (Global Recycled Standard), GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard), and OEKO TEX certifications, this last one assuring that every component of our product has been tested against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals. 



  1. Why are your products made in Vietnam and not in France?

Ideally, we would establish local production in every part of the world that we sell to, including Asia, New Zealand, the US, and Europe. However, due to production logistics and maintaining quality control, our company’s current size would make this rather difficult. We do hope that our business size will eventually allow us to invest in other production countries, and for now, we have strategically chosen Vietnam as the most central and, therefore, lowest-impact country for our current distribution. In addition, if we look at the carbon footprint of producing in Asia and shipping by boat (which is what we do), it has lower impact than shipping via truck or by road which would be the case if we produced in Europe.  

So instead, we focus most of our attention on limiting the resources used in production and improving the materials found in our shoes, and as it turns out, most of those materials come from Asia. 

  1. What measures does SAOLA take to ensure fair and safe practices in its factories?

We work with factories that have ethical and environmental charters already set in place, such as the BSCI certification which enables us to guarantee favourable working conditions for employees without discrimination. It offers fair pay, decent hours, no forced labour, responsible waste management, freedom of association, and the right to collective bargaining.  Another of our factories recently participated in an “Ethical Audit” receiving a 9.2/10 and has since rectified the weak points that were identified due to this audit. 

An ethical audit “evaluates social accountability from factories and companies. It makes sure that employees are provided with healthy, safe, and ethical work environments along with sound labor practices and pay. It also ensures that areas of improvement are being implemented when necessary.” 



  1. What is the recommended method for washing my SAOLA knit/ canvas shoes?

All knit and canvas models are machine-safe. Simply remove the cork insole and place your shoes in the washing Wash at a maximum temperature of 30°C (86°F)

10. What care instructions do you recommend for vegan leather and/or waterproof shoes? 

    Washing your vegan leather and waterproof shoes is just as simple! Be sure to remove the insole, then wash your shoes by hand with a sponge and hand soap. Do not apply wax or a waterproofing spray on the waterproof models as it is their waterproof membrane that makes them resistant to water.  

    1. Can I remove the insoles from my SAOLA shoes? 

    Yes, the insoles can be removed and replaced by your own insoles. 



    1. Can I try on a pair of shoes in-store rather than making an online purchase? 

    Feel free to send an email to to learn about the resellers in your area and try on a pair of shoes at their store location.  

    1. Can I change or cancel an order?  

    Sure, just email us at    



    1. What are your available payment methods and do you ensure safe payment?

    We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Shop Pay on our website with guaranteed safe payment.  



    1. What are the normal shipping delays to the US?

    Products are generally shipped out 2 weekdays after the order is placed, and delivery varies according to the transport method selected. 

    1. Can you tell me about your shipping costs? 

    Shipping is free of charge within the continental US on all orders of $99.00 or more. We will charge a 9.00$ flat fee on orders less than $99.00, and you will be charged the freight amount we are being charged by the freight company outside of the continental US. For shipping costs outside of the US, contact us at 



    1. What is SAOLA’S policy for returns and exchanges?

    Please consult our Returns and Exchanges Policy for more information. For all returns, the shoes have to have been purchased on and the request must be made within 30 days after the delivery date. For any questions, email us at 

    1. Is it possible to return a pair of shoes to your website that I bought from a retailer?

    Unfortunately not. Please contact the store you bought them from to make arrangements. They will issue you a warranty exchange or refund. 

    1. Do SAOLA shoes come with a warranty?

    The answer is an enthusiastic YES. We want you to be totally stoked on your SAOLA Shoes, so we take them back if you’re not. SAOLA shoes offers a 6-month warranty against any manufacturer defects in materials or workmanship. This does not include normal wear and tear, improper care, product abuse, or use of product for unintended purposes. 



    20. Tell me about the frequency of SAOLA new releases and how often you restock your running collections?   

    In an effort to limit waste and over-consumption, we generally release 2 new collections per year, one in the spring for the spring/summer season and another in the fall for the fall/winter season. We generally do not restock running collections in an effort to prevent an excess of stock at the end of a season. If a desired product is out of stock on our website, feel free to contact to be directed to a reseller.  



    1. Can you guide me on finding my correct size? 

    Here is our size chart. They run *pretty* close to size but tend to fit a bit narrow. In general, if you’re between sizes or are unsure, we recommend sizing up. Any additional specific size recommendations can be found in the details of each product, and our virtual sizing tool is available on the product pages to help you find your perfect fit.  

    1. Do SAOLA Shoes come in varying widths and which SAOLA shoe styles are suitable for wider feet? 

    Unfortunately, we do not yet produce shoes in varying widths. The widths are all proportionate to size, based on a “medium” fit. You can try our virtual sizing tool available on the product pages to find the size best adapted to your feet. However, if you are worried about not finding a width adapted to your foot size, we recommend the Alta Vibram, Tsavo, and Cannon Knit styles for wider feet. Consider sizing up half a size so that you are sure the shoes will adapt well to your feet.  

    Can I purchase a pair of shoes from the Men’s section even if I generally wear Women’s shoes and vice versa  

    Of course, just check that your size is available! If there is a men’s pair of shoes that is calling to you, feel free to treat yourself and vice versa! Use our virtual sizing tool and our size chart to find the right fit.