The best eco-friendly sneakers

Why you'll love wearing eco-designed Saola Shoes...

Crafted with a maximum of recycled and natural materials, Saola shoes are some of the most eco friendly shoes on the market, dedicated to leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible: from ethically-sourced materials and recyclable packaging to zero-waste practices and low energy production in Vietnam. We have carefully considered each contributing element in the production of your eco shoes, choosing unique and sustainable materials, such as algae foam in the outsoles, cork in the insoles, recycled plastic bottles, vegan leather, and organic cotton laces.


Weighing less than an average of 14 oz/pair, this is the perfect outdoor shoe to slide into a carry-on or bring on a yoga retreat. Here at Saola, we are great adherents to spending time in the outdoors, rejuvenating our minds and bodies, and enjoying our beautiful planet. Your sustainable shoes allow you to breathe in all this beauty without being tied to the ground by a heavy pair of shoes. Set those feet free with some of the lightest shoes on the market.


Our glowing reviews speak for themselves when it comes to the comfort of our eco shoes. Find the best of both worlds: vegan, cruelty-free shoes AND happy, relaxed feet. An ethical crossroads between style and comfort, our cork insoles and algae foam outsoles made from resin, algae biomass and bio-sourced additives are what make our shoes perfect for outdoor activities, an afternoon out on the town, or even a long office day. Your feet will thank you and so will the planet!


We use an OEKO-TEX certified knit material to ensure optimal breathability and maximum waste reduction in adapting the production to the exact size of the shoe. Saola is dedicated to applying environmental and animal-friendly practices to all facets of its business, but we never forget our customers’ desires for comfortable shoes. We want your Saola shoes to be your favorite pair of shoes in your closet, not only for their attractive design but even more so for their high level of comfort. This is the Saola promise.


We make shoes that protect the planet. Here at Saola, we believe that as long as we’re going to make an impact, it might as well be a positive one! In addition to intentionally using ecologically friendly materials, we wish to give back by protecting this planet we call home. For this reason, we are active members of 1% For the Planet to give back 1% of all our profit to protecting endangered ecosystems. We are also partnered with World Land Trust to protect 270 feet of endangered forests and their biodiversity for every pair of recycled shoes purchased. This program has already saved more than 56,000 hectars of endangered land and you are invited to be a part of this effort!


100% vegan and made from recycled and ethically sourced materials, Saola’s waterproof models are THE shoe of the fall/winter season with a waterproof, breathable membrane to keep your feet dry and a light fleece lining made with recycled plastic. Brave the wet, chilly months equipped with ethical shoes made from natural materials.