Yehuda Ben-Hamo

Yehuda Ben-Hamo

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Yehuda Ben-Hamo

Carlsbad, CA Profession:


Surf Coach, Content Producer

How I kick back:
Well if I’m not in the water surfing, I’m usually at the skatepark, or in the mountains camping & hiking. There’s nothing like being in the wilderness with just you and your friends! I often volunteer in community events on the weekends if I have the time.

I believe:
In helping others. It’s kind of our responsibility to be a proper citizen and give back to our local community, or global communities (when you’re traveling abroad) whenever we get the chance. Volunteering is kind of my jam. It’s not that I do it for any recognition or “good karma,” it’s because it is our duty to help one another. It’s what you are supposed to do as an individual, or else I mean what is your purpose on this planet? Selfishness is the death of me, and I can’t stand conceited humans.


Fish tacos - grilled or fried?: Neither. I try to maintain a sustainable diet and the fish industries are just messed up, for many reasons!

Favorite dance party song: Staying Alive by The Bee Gees

Bucket list trip: Surfing in Alaska

One piece of advice for the next gen: Don’t be like the generations before you, be mindful of your natural resources and conserve what you have left. Materialism is one of the worst traits of the human race, so don’t fall into modern consumerism.