Gemina Garland-Lewis: Tracking Ghosts

Gemina Garland-Lewis: Tracking Ghosts

To say SAOLA Believer, Gemina Garland Lewis, wears many hats, is an understatement. Photographer, filmer, researcher, and National Geographic explorer - Gemina has visited over 30 countries across six continents. Her work explores the connections between humans, animals, and our shared environments. 

"My research focuses on health and disease issues at the human-animal-environment interface – sort of a conservation biology meets public health world. My photography also focuses on this, but can take a broader look at the different ways we form relationships with animals and with our environment, as well." 

Photo: Colin RuggieroPhoto: Colin Ruggiero

Recently, Gemina was accepted into a fellowship program at the International Wildlife Film Festival in Montana. The fellowship brings together people with different backgrounds and perspectives who are interested in conservation storytelling.

Along with her team of fellows, Gemina produced this mini-documentary about tracking mountain lions with a local Montana conservation organization and scientific research team. 


Gemina's other recent work explore the human-animal bond in homelessness and whaling communities in the Azores. Read her National Geographic article here

Stay tuned for more from Gemina, she's currently in Alaska as a photo instructor and naturalist for National Geographic!