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Women's Sustainable Shoes for
Everyday Life

We developed this collection of women’s sustainable shoes with a few clear goals in mind: make them comfortable, make them casual, and make them with as many recycled and natural materials as possible. 

The world doesn’t need more detrimental products but higher-quality, longer-lasting goods that leverage natural and recyclable materials. That was the catalyst for
starting SAOLA: an everyday guy couldn’t find any cool looking, sustainable shoes to wear in his day-to-day life.

So as any responsible father and husband would do, he quit his job and decided to make them himself. Fast-forward a few years, and we proudly present our new collections of breathable men's footwear.

Eco-Friendly Materials Inside Our
Sustainable Shoes

What really sets SAOLAS apart from the pack is the combination of eco-friendly materials they’re made of, like Recycled plastic, natural cork, and organic cotton. 
Every element is a step in the right direction to decrease our environmental footprint. And that’s a big deal because while the planet may be becoming increasingly polluted, changing the way we manufacture and consume goods can make a massive impact on the long-term well-being of the only home we have. And knowing that was enough for one man to quit his job to make better shoes for a better planet. 

We hope that you will join the #BIGLIFEsmallfootprint movement and proudly wear SAOLA’s sustainable shoes as you walk through life. Thanks for being a part of the ride.

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