Virunga M Burgundy
men's burgundy shoes worn from front
men's burgundy shoes overview from front
men's burgundy shoes worn from right side
men's burgundy shoes overview from behind

Virunga M Burgundy

Sale price$59.95
Size:US M 9

The VIRUNGA: the sustainable slip-on knitted for comfort (no laces)

100% vegan, ultra-light and comfy.
Made from recycled and bio-based materials.
These might be the lightest shoes you will ever own!

Throw on the Virungas after a long day of surfing, to go exploring the city or for a weekend in the countryside. Weighing less than 0.4lbs, you'll be bringing the Virungas wherever your next adventure takes you.

Materials and Features


  • Made of 4 recycled plastic bottles.
  • Our Knit is OEKO TEX certified.
  • 100% organic cotton laces.
  • The knit construction brings comfort & breathability to a whole new level.


  • 100% natural cork, harvested algae foam and EVA make a perfect sustainable combo for maximum comfort.
  • Removable insole.  

  • Natural algaes and EVA brings lightness & cushioning while rubber reinforcements guarantee maximum durability.
  • 11 gallons of clean water returned to habitat per pair (BloomFoam tech).
  • 27 m3 of air cleaned per pair (BloomFoam tech).