Gemina Garland-Lewis

Gemina Garland-Lewis

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Gemina Garland-Lewis

Seattle, WA, USA

Photographer, Writer, EcoHealth Researcher, National Geographic Explorer, Dog Walker…

How I kick back:
“Kick back” is not a phrase I’m terribly familiar with – I’m way too curious and there’s so much to see and do and learn! That said, hitting up some tasty local breweries with friends on a Seattle evening is probably the closest I get. My greatest happiness is found in the mountains, which I’m lucky I get to play in and explore for work and for fun. Other things I love to fill my time with include sailing, kayaking, drinking tea, eating cheese, biking, dancing, gardening, curling up with a book, and planning the next adventure.

I believe:
I believe in following curiosity, embracing your nerdiness, finding the answers to life’s littlest and biggest questions during some quiet time in nature, and that all life is interconnected (among other things!). My research focuses on health and disease issues at the human-animal-environment interface – sort of a conservation biology meets public health world. My photography also focuses on this, but can take a broader look at the different ways we form relationships with animals and with our environment, as well. I believe deeply in finding and creating new ways to blend visual storytelling, science, education, and adventure in order to not only share these stories but to also engage people in a more meaningful and long-lasting way.


Fish tacos - grilled or fried?: Vegetarian! Hold the fish, give me calabacitas and black bean tacos.

Favorite dance party song: A strong case could be made for Call Me Maybe… If we bring it back, Pump Up the Jam.

Bucket list trip: Sailing to the Azores, where I have a long-term project on the islands’ maritime history, instead of flying.

One piece of advice for the next gen: The outdoors is for everyone. Be inclusive. Representation matters. Learn, practice, and teach Leave No Trace principles. Don’t make the same mistake of pretending that social issues and environmental issues are unrelated – we don’t exist in a vacuum. Be curious! Stay curious! Facts matter. (And please, put an end to our love-affair with single-use plastics).

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