Ian Forhrman

Ian Forhrman

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Ian Fohrman

Denver, CO

Director, Writer, Photographer

How I kick back:
I don’t know that any of the things that bring me my greatest happiness fall under the “kick back” category but… Skiing, Cycling (MTB and road), Climbing, and hunting have given me everything important in my life. I followed the snow into a creative career and global community of friends and collaborators that means everything to me. I recently heard William Finnegan (Barbarian Days of Surfing) describe surfing as a Nature Worship lifestyle. I think the same applies to all the aforementioned sports/lifestyles and I think they attract a special kind of curious, creative, driven, fun person.

I believe:
That it’s important to give a shit. A good friend recently shared the idea of trying to nudge the universe in a positive direction with every action. I think this can be applied to work, relationships, community involvement and just a general way of being in the world and living intentionally.


Fish tacos - grilled or fried?: Tough one… but I usually go with Grilled.

Favorite dance party song: NPR? Podcasts? I’m getting old.

Bucket list trip: Any trip where I am challenging myself and engaging people and place.

One piece of advice for the next gen: Be kind. Work hard. Give a shit.